Back to projects Uloq Case Study & UX/UI Breakdown Expertise: UX Design UI Design The brief UX / UI Uloq is an App which provides ironclad, indisputable personal identification, and authorisation. Pepperplane took charge of crafting a sleek and intuitive mobile interface, ensuring every interaction within the app is remarkable. the Execution Designing for online […]


Back to projects CMCC Case Study & UX/UI Breakdown Expertise: UX Design UI Design The Client Research The CMCC is in charge of the mediation process for the resolution of conflicts for citizens and companies in Luxembourg. The brief UX / UI As part of the website refresh for CMCC, we were entrusted with the […]

Demand Conversion

Back to projects Demand Conversion Case Study & UX/UI Breakdown Expertise: Branding UX Design UI Design the Brand Logo The Demand Conversion icon is the letter d with 2 additional lines to create a graph icon. It can accompany the text for the primary logo or be contained in a square with rounded corners, as […]


Back to projects Libex We’re proud to showcase Libex, an innovative platform in the crypto exchange and NFT marketplace industry in Africa. Our collaboration has resulted in user-centred UX design that makes it easy to access and utilise Libex’s powerful features. Expertise: UX Design UI Design the Execution UI Designs Libex NFT’s primary function is […]

Luna Connect

Back to projects Luna Connect Luna Connect’s digital lending platform provides local financial institutions an opportunity to combine great customer and member relationships with personalized online experiences. Pepperplane was asked to create the UX and UI design for the Luna Connect marketing site. The brief was to break away from the traditional, corporate themes and […]


Back to projects getbird.bio Our brief was simple… Enable people to cook, shop, share and sell on one single platform… And make them fall in love with the experience! Simple right? Well we always love a challenge and our design journey with GetBird has been one of the most rewarding yet! Expertise: UX Design UI […]

Launch League

Back to projects Launch League Launch League, a two-year old initiative backed by the UK and South Africa Tech Hub is going full speed ahead. Mentoring sessions, open license resources, networking events – they’re all part of what this groundbreaking organization has to offer. Expertise: UX Design UI Design The brief UI Redesign But seeing […]


Back to projects 3Way 3Way is a customer acquisition business that employs the power of omnichannel lead generation to grow some of the most influential consumer-facing brands in South Africa and across the continent. Expertise: Branding UX Design UI Design The brief Branding & UI Redesign Pepperplane was tasked with actioning a full rebrand and […]


Back to projects Forgood Forgood is an online platform that connects passionate people with the right organisations. It is a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for. They are about matchmaking – for good. Expertise: Branding UX Design UI Design The brief Full Brand Redesign To […]


Back to projects Keyzy Keyzy is a company whose mission is to radically simplify and accelerate the home acquisition journey for renters by providing a unique and innovative lease structure. Expertise: Branding UX Design UI Design The brief Full Branding & UX/UI Design Pepperplane was approached by Keyzy to build their brand identity from the […]