Luna Connect

Luna Connect’s digital lending platform provides local financial institutions an opportunity to combine great customer and member relationships with personalized online experiences.

Pepperplane was asked to create the UX and UI design for the Luna Connect marketing site. The brief was to break away from the traditional, corporate themes and to create a style that is unique and memorable.


UX Design
UI Design

the Execution

UI Redesign

From pixel-perfect visuals to easy navigation, Luna Connect’s new UI is designed to draw users in and keep them engaged. With its intuitive layout, it streamlines user journeys and encourages engagement on every device.

the Execution

UI Design

Pepperplane took a comprehensive approach towards its design goals, making sure the UI was optimized for both desktop and mobile experiences.

the Brand


Luna Connect wanted to ensure their design stood out from the crowd, so we used a sophisticated colour palette for the interface. We blended bold hues with softer tones, creating a striking yet calming atmosphere that captures attention and encourages exploration of the interface.

the brand

Iconography & Illustrations

To create a consistent visual language across the UI, we used both illustrations and photography. We balanced these two elements to achieve the perfect look and feel for Luna Connect’s design. Illustrations were used to add personality and engage users in a fun and memorable way, while photographs provided an emotional sense of realism. Together, these visuals created an immersive experience that complemented the overall design.

To compound this effect, custom illustrations in the same style were designed for key context-specific environments across the website.

the Brand


Behind the scenes

Tools Used

Luna Connect was built using our favourite software programs. Namely, Figma for all of the UX and UI designs we developed; and Adobe Illustrator to develop and tweak the patterns we designed to accompany the new UI.


UX / UI Design

Adobe Illustrator


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