Future Forex

Future Forex embarked on a mission to revolutionise the South African forex industry.
Their vision? To introduce innovation, automation, and unparalleled transparency into the market.

User research and journeys

In tackling the project, Pepperplane prioritised understanding the user journeys and personas within the fintech landscape. Recognising the critical role of research and UX in fintech, we delved deep into the needs, behaviours, and pain points of the target audience.

The users

By meticulously mapping out user journeys and crafting detailed personas, we gained invaluable insights into the user experience ecosystem. This initial phase not only laid the foundation for our design strategy but also highlighted the significance of user-centricity in fintech.

UX Design

In the dynamic world of fintech, user experience (UX) design and wireframing play pivotal roles in shaping the success of digital financial solutions.

It’s about understanding user behaviours, needs, and pain points to create remarkable and intuitive interactions. In the fintech industry, where trust and security are paramount, a well-crafted UX design builds confidence and fosters engagement.

Wireframes allow designers and stakeholders to visualise the layout and flow of the Future Forex platform early in the development process. It helps streamline communication, iterate rapidly, and identify potential issues before they become costly to address.

By prioritising UX design we can enhance accessibility, increase user adoption, and ultimately deliver financial solutions that empower and enrich the lives of users.

Before After

Build products that engage and convert

UI Design

In the fast-paced world of fintech, it’s all about guiding users through complex financial processes with clarity and ease. Where precision and trust are paramount, a well-thought-out UI design instills confidence and fosters a sense of security. Colour theory, in particular, plays a crucial role in UI design, as different colours evoke distinct emotions and convey subtle messages. UI design and colour theory become indispensable tools in crafting the Future Forex user experience that are not only visually engaging but also intuitive and trustworthy.

Belleza stands as a testament to the fusion of elegance and modernity in typography. Its sleek lines and balanced proportions exude a timeless sophistication that captures attention effortlessly. With its versatile weights and styles, from delicate thin to bold, it adapts gracefully to a myriad of design contexts, whether for print or digital media.

Paired with the clean, geometric lines and balanced proportions of Roboto Flex, Pepperplane could create a harmonious backdrop that allows display fonts to shine while providing a strong foundation for readability. Particularly noteworthy is Roboto Flex’s exceptional handling of numbers and important text, where clarity is paramount.

Behind the scenes

Tools Used

Figma and ClickUp are great for UX projects because they offer seamless collaboration, efficient project management, and a comprehensive suite of design and organisational features. Google suite was utilised to facilitate and capture interviews and notes.


UX / UI Design


Project Management & Tracking

Google Suite

Interviews & Note Capturing

More Work