3Way is a customer acquisition business that employs the power of omnichannel lead generation to grow some of the most influential consumer-facing brands in South Africa and across the continent.


UX Design
UI Design

The brief

Branding & UI Redesign

Pepperplane was tasked with actioning a full rebrand and UI redesign that ranged from standard branding items like colour and typography, stationery and custom illustrations to their desktop and mobile experience.

the Execution

UI Design

3Way is a company built on 3 pillars, Connection, Growth and (de)Risk. From their homepage to their solutions and case studies, we designed their UI to speak to these pillars and provide clarity in a growingly crowded lead-market; both on desktop and mobile.

the brand

Logo Design

Starting with their logo, 3Way needed something that was fresh and exciting and that built upon their 3 pillars of Connection, Growth and (de)Risk. We turned this into a simple and effective logomark by combining the elements of the number 3, the letter W and the concept of movement that’s used extensively in the new pattern style.

the brand


After experimenting with various colour palettes, we decided that a combination of primary colours would keep the brand visually engaging and playful simultaneously. This afforded us the opportunity to create an identity that would speak to honesty, clarity and action.

the brand


To build on this clarity, we chose to work exclusively with Outfit, a commonly useful open source typeface. We employed two complementary weights in this font to base our typographic hierarchy on to create structure and legibility that promotes 3Way’s pillars.

the brand

Patterns & Stationery

As part of 3Way’s new brand identity, we designed a series of bold line-style patterns that would be featured in various places across their website and peripheral branding materials; all of which stem from their new logo as inspiration.

We also developed a series of business card and letterhead layouts in their new identity.

Then to round it off, we designed a series of desktop wallpapers, like this one, because who doesn’t love a branded workspace?

Behind the scenes

UX System and Flow

We always start our UI projects by exploring the underlying UX first, so we can better understand the nature of the online experience and any limitations and opportunities that are reliant on that experience.

So, naturally, we developed a series of wireframes to build this understanding and make sure we explored as many options as possible.

This helped us not only to understand the underlying information architecture, but where we could improve it.

Behind the scenes

Tools Used

3Way’s brand was built using industry standard tools from various design suites. We used Figma to build out their UX & UI, as well as their stationery designs. Then for all the finer touches, where necessary, we used Adobe Illustrator’s powerful vector-drawing tools.


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