Launch League

Launch League, a two-year old initiative backed by the UK and South Africa Tech Hub is going full speed ahead. Mentoring sessions, open license resources, networking events - they're all part of what this groundbreaking organization has to offer.


UX Design
UI Design

The brief

UI Redesign

But seeing as we live in a digital age that means ever increasing online presence which lead them to partner with Pepperplane for a UX and UI redesign using their existing branding assets to promote their physical outreach alongside modernized virtual capabilities!

the Execution

UI Design

Launch League wanted to make sure their newest UI Design would reach people across all devices, so we optimized it for mobile and created a seamless experience from phone to desktop. With this approach, the design is set up for maximum digital visibility!

the brand


Using a combination of colours, Launch League’s new UI allowed for various colour applications. Using their four primary colours, we could create an interface that was both engaging and versatile.

the brand


One of our favourite parts of this project were the patterns we developed. Applying Launch League’s versatile colours to these patterns allowed for a multitude of applications, from soft background elements to sharp borders.

the brand


Behind the scenes

Tools Used

Launch League was built using our favourite software programs. Namely, Figma for all of the UX and UI designs we developed; and Adobe Illustrator to develop and tweak the patterns we designed to accompany the new UI.


UX / UI Design

Adobe Illustrator


More Work