Our brief was simple... Enable people to cook, shop, share and sell on one single platform... And make them fall in love with the experience!

Simple right? Well we always love a challenge and our design journey with GetBird has been one of the most rewarding yet!


UX Design
UI Design

the Execution

UI Design’s focus is on the creator economy. Allowing you to follow your favourite chefs and mixologists and create with them, virtually. So we designed a User Interface that would allow you to do just that, and more.

To begin, we designed an app that would let you see your favourite creators, view their most popular recipes and follow a step-by-step process to create them in the comfort of your own home!

But we didn’t stop there. knows the kind of creator you are; maybe the kind that likes a simple list, but also the kind that wants to know everything there is to know about the recipe you’re now creating. So to help you scratch that itch, we made sure you can see every ingredient in a recipe, and read more about them while you’re there.

And to top it all off, we designed’s app so if you realise you don’t have a specific ingredient for your favourite recipe, you can shop it right there from within the app. No friction, only creation.

the brand

Colours’s strongest branding quality is their green. Used in two shades, this green is used across a vast majority of the branding and UI arsenal now at your fingertips. To accompany these greens, we incorporated varying shades of grey, from dark to light; which when paired together create a vibrant and engaging User Experience.

the brand


Just like any recipe, to be followed well through to the end it needs to be simple enough to understand, yet precise in measure. To mimic this, we decided to use a single font family for’s new UI; namely, Poppins. This afforded the opportunity to be precise in execution, but creative in experience.

Behind the Scenes

UX System and Flow

We designed’s new UI from the ground up, which meant what we really started designing was their UX. This, of course, began with ideal user flows, one for each category of user; namely the general users following creators, and then the creators themselves.

From here, we began fleshing out the UX, including more notably, with our wireframes.

This gave us a much better understanding of where and how we could create an experience that wasn’t just useful, but beautiful as well. They say presentation is everything, but we believe it’s just as important to know how the sausage is made.

“It has been incredible working with this team. They feel part of our team, our family, and that may possibly be the best bit.”

GetBird Management

Behind the scenes

Tools Used

Like always, we designed’s new app using our favourite software tools: Figma (our absolute favourite) to build out the UX and UI; Unsplash for some of the delicious imagery used in our mockups and presentations; ClickUp for our project management and tracking; and Google Meet for our video conferencing and user testing.


UX / UI Design


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Project Management & Tracking

Google meet

Video Conferencing and User Testing

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