Forgood is an online platform that connects passionate people with the right organisations. It is a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for. They are about matchmaking - for good.


UX Design
UI Design

The brief

Full Brand Redesign

To help forgood achieve their goals, Pepperplane was tasked with redesigning their user flow and brand identity.

The execution

UI Design

As part of the UI phase for this project, we designed a vast array of screens across forgood’s offering.

This ranged from volunteer dashboards to client flows and a whole host of services in between.

But it didn’t stop there. Not only did we design forgood’s main desktop UI, we designed it for mobile as well.

This allowed for their reach and usability to extend from the office and into the field.

the brand


Forgood wanted their light blue to remain the main branding colour, as it was vibrant but also reminiscent of the existing forgood brand. They had thousands of users who needed to recognise the brand in its new jacket. We then added a few others to diversify their visual language while maintaining the original essence of the brand.

the brand


For an incredibly versatile and legible experience, we chose to work exclusively with Lexend for forgood’s UI redesign. This allowed us to experiment with subtle hierarchy while maintaining a well balanced look and feel across the board.

the brand


Icons are a fantastic way to both complement text-based information as well as create an experience that is visually informing as much as it is interesting. This is why we developed a series of icons as a part of forgood’s redesign, which featured in both buttons and information design.

Behind the scenes

UX System and Flow

Forgood’s new brand needed to be recognisable, but the functionality needed a lot of improvement at first. User flow was the first priority.

We compiled feedback from various sources, such as targeted interviews and surveys, and began working on various wireframes that we believed would be their best solution.

These wireframes gave us a great feel for the new experience while not getting tied down by the UI details just yet.

Navigating and distinguishing between sections was a challenge at first. But, with the help of user flow diagrams and information architecture it was possible to both improve functionality and the design experience.

During our research phase, we also prepared a detailed UX report that specified both the UX issues and best practices for the forgood service offering.

This included target market research, user stories, user flows, heat maps, competitor research and targeted user interviews for invaluable contextual insights.

Behind the scenes

Tools Used


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