Demand Conversion

Case Study & UX/UI Breakdown


UX Design
UI Design

the Brand


The Demand Conversion icon is the letter d with 2 additional lines to create a graph icon. It can accompany the text for the primary logo or be contained in a square with rounded corners, as well as standing on its own as an icon.

the Brand


The Demand Conversion colour palette is bright and playful. It consists of aqua, electric, amber, jam. Shades of each colour may be used, and gradients can be created with the individual colours.

the Brand


Abstract icons using geometric shapes to represent abstract concepts

the Brand

UI Design

User interface design plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall user experience and ensuring that digital products are intuitive and visually appealing. One crucial aspect of UI design is maintaining consistency with branding colors, as it helps establish a strong brand identity and fosters a sense of familiarity for users.

the Execution

UI Design

Color psychology plays a significant role in user interface design, as different colors evoke specific emotions and convey distinct messages. Bright colors, in particular, have the potential to positively impact a user’s experience. They create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, eliciting feelings of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm. Bright colors can captivate attention, enhance usability, and make interactions more engaging.

the Brand


The brand can use geometric shapes to create patterns and interesting compositions. They work best using 2 colours from the palette.

the Brand


The primary typeface is Outfit which is a geometric sans serif font that has a friendly feel. Various weights of the font are used.

Pepperplane are incredibly talented UI/UX designers and illustrators. They are always passionate and excited about their work.

Michelle Teo,

Founder CEO at Demand Conversion

Behind the scenes

Tools Used

Demand Conversion was built using some of our favourite programs. Namely, Figma for all of the UX and UI designs we developed; Adobe Illustrator to create the logo and patterns we designed; After effects was used .


UX / UI Design

Adobe Illustrator


After effects

Animation & Video


Project Management & Tracking

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