Naked is insurance, but not as you know it. Their revolutionary business model breaks the age-old cycle of distrust between insurers and their customers. The brand embodies the 4iR and the new face of insurance through the use of cool colours, delicate shapes, and friendly fonts.

- Branding

Naked aims to shake things up by providing a transparent model, a chance to give back and a mobile app that takes all the aches out of dealing with insurance. 

Our engagement with the Naked team started during a design sprint in Johannesburg to workshop their landing page. During this time, we could really get our heads around the concept, product and type of brand they wanted to create. It was all about changing the insurance game for good!

We were excited to work on the logo design and brand guide for this award-winning company. Because the brand name is extremely edgy we didn’t find it necessary to push that concept further visually. Instead we focused on pairing that edginess with concepts of  professionalism, trustworthiness and competence. 

The use of transparency in the shapes and elements reflect the honest and reliable ethics of the brand. The simplicity in the logo is also a hint at the great client experience that the brand offers. Simple, elegant, effective… Naked. 

Naked has gone on to win numerous awards and is making huge waves in the South African insurance industry. 

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