AURA is a revolutionary approach to security and armed response in South Africa. AURA's strategy focuses on a dynamic response organism providing clients with direct access to a rapid response network in times of emergency.

- Branding, UX, App design, Presentations, Digital Illustration

Our goal was to develop a brand identity which could be used across AURA's digital and print material. We wanted to create a brand that was bold and memorable but that also reflected the sophistication of the service and their technology.

The next step was to create the UX and interface for the AURA Responder and Client app. We had to do a lot of research in the field of mobile accessibility and target audience tech capability. Basically we had to find the most intuitive, quickest way for someone to use their phone as a panic button as it could mean life or death. It was a great challenge!

After the app design we also designed the Control Room interface where controllers administered the incoming panics and responders. Once again the interface had to support controllers that might operate under great pressure.

We went on to develop marketing and educational material to teach users and potential partners about the service. AURA has since gone on to become a prominent player in the security landscape of South Africa.

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