Celebrating great women in design


Aspiring designers, innovative business owners and CEOs have all been influenced by the work of incredible women in design. From creating User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs to shaping typefaces and crafting iconic branding, these incredible female professionals have broken down barriers to leave an indelible mark on the world of graphic design.

This blog post celebrates their accomplishments—from the trailblazers of yesteryear to modern-day creators standing at the forefront of innovation—and takes a look at their impact across various fields such as UX design, typography and branding. Pepperplane is a 100% female-owned studio and we are excited about the impact that women can have on the digital design industry.

Introducing UX/UI Designers Who Are Changing the Game

Lizzie Dyson, perhaps one of the leading women in UX design, is certainly leaving her mark on the game. Lizzie co-founded the group Ladies that UX with Georgie Bottomley which strives to support and empower female UX professionals. Lizzie’s weekly meetups across multiple locations have become popular among like-minded professionals and allow collaboration on projects that concentrate on diversity and user-centred design. Her work has helped pave the way for younger and less experienced designers by taking UX/UI design seriously. Lizzie is a testament to how influential women can be in the fields of UX and UI design.

Susan Kare was a pioneer of the bitmap iconography in the interfaces for the early Apple computers. Her work revolutionized on-screen graphic design and had an enormous impact on how we interact with technology today. She took inspiration from public signage and primitive art to create over 1000 icons, symbols, and fonts that would become iconic across the world. Kare’s symbols and icons, such as the trash can, floppy disk, smiley face, and the command key are now an indelible part of our digital universe. As one of the first female graphic designers in the tech industry, her impact was far-reaching and is still felt today.

Celebrating Female Type Designers and Their Impact on the World of Design

Zuzana Licko was one of the earliest female type designers, changing the game with her 8-bit designs featured in the 1980s Apple Macintosh computers. Licko revolutionized typography by pushing design into both the digital and physical realms. Licko’s accomplishments will continue to inspire female type designers for years to come and remind us all of the power and influence that women can wield in transforming our experiences of digital typography today.

Exploring the Influential Work of Women Branding Specialists

Carolyn Davidson’s story is inspiring to us all; her Nike swoosh logo needs no introduction, but how she came to create it is worth exploring. She originally started as a journalism major at the university and later switched to a graphic design major. Carolyn designed the Nike “swoosh” in 1971 while still a student at Portland State University when she was commissioned by Phil Knight to create the iconic logo in the 1970s (more on that here). Carolyn worked hard and created a concept that changed the world of branding. She is remembered today as having shaped our understanding of powerful and impactful visuals that inform words, culture, and attitude. Carolyn Davidson gave us one of the modern world’s most recognizable symbols.

The Growing Role of Women in Design Education

In recent years, female designers have made impressive strides in fields such as UX and UI design, type design and branding. As a result, there has been an increased focus on the role that women are playing in the design education landscape. This is evidenced by the increasing number of courses offered specifically geared towards women’s interests in these areas and an emphasis on highlighting successful female designers within institutions of higher learning. Additionally, many organizations are introducing professional development opportunities tailored to meet the needs of aspiring female designers in order to foster their success. With all these positive efforts being made to promote women in the broader design field, it is certainly a trend which looks set to continue into the future.

Why We Need to Recognize Female Creatives in All Fields of Design

The field of design is defined as the combination of technical skill and creative flair. Women have had a long, rich history in all the diverse corners of design — from UX and UI to logo design and type design. Unfortunately, they are not always given recognition for their contributions to these industries. We need to recognize female creatives for the incredible work they bring to design fields; without them, our products and art would lack diversity and innovation. Acknowledging the creativity and achievements of women opens doors for others in similar spots – making it possible for more ideas and points of view to reach the open market – ultimately leading us to a more evolved understanding of how design should be approached. We can only benefit from being more inclusive in celebrating female creative success within all realms of design.

In conclusion, from cutting-edge type designs to eye-catching branding campaigns, female creatives have proved that gender does not define creativity—great work does. So let’s keep celebrating these talented women for pushing the boundaries of technological design culture as well as boosting diversity within the industry—because diversity is what makes ideas better.

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