Naked is insurance, but not as you know it. Their revolutionary business model breaks the age-old cycle of distrust between insurers and their customers. The brand embodies the 4iR and the new face of insurance through the use of cool colours, delicate shapes, and friendly fonts.

Naked aims to shake things up by providing a transparent model, a chance to give back and a mobile app that takes all the aches out of dealing with insurance.  

Goal for the project:

Our engagement with the Naked team started during a design sprint in Johannesburg to workshop their landing page. During this time, I could really get my head around the concept, product and type of brand they wanted to create. It was all about changing the insurance game for good!

We were excited to work on the logo design and brand guide for this award-winning company. Because the brand name was extremely edgy we didn’t find it necessary to push that concept further visually. Instead we focused on pairing that edginess with concepts of  professionalism, trustworthiness and competence. 

The use of transparency in the shapes and elements reflect the honest and reliable ethics of the brand. The simplicity in the logo is also a hint at the great client experience that the brand offers. Simple, elegant, effective… Naked. 

Naked has gone on to win numerous awards and is making huge waves in the South African insurance industry. 

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Name of client, what they do & their location:

Inkumbulo is a local approach to quick and easy, data-free backup services for all digital memories. Their goal is to have the Inkumbulo devices at shops or schools where users can connect to store their data through the app to the cloud for free.

This was a great challenge as we got the chance to work on a product from the branding phase, right through to the software and later the physical product. 

Goal for the project:

Inkumbulo means “memory” or “remembrance” in the Zulu language. It is from this cultural reference that we found our starting point. We researched the Zulu traditions and culture to find an object or concept to serve as a vessel for the service. 

We came across Zulu baskets which are traditionally used to house and protect objects of value such as food or clothes. This seemed like the perfect object to use as a symbol for Inkumbulo where users’ valuable data like photos and music would be stored. The aim became to create a high-tech, modern logo that has it’s roots in a real, sentimental practice. A brand that is vibrantly South African and innovative. 

After completing the branding phase we got started on the interface for the mobile app. Big, bold and confident were some of the characteristics we wanted to convey with the solid colours and large typography. We used clean, crisp layouts and brought in colourful  highlights to accentuate the information in certain places. 

The team also created presentation and education material with beautiful illustrations to accompany it. We also created some preliminary designs for the casing of the physical device that would be placed on site.

Our Role

  • Branding
  • UX and UI Design
  • Illustration

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AURA is a revolutionary approach to security and armed response in South Africa. AURA’s strategy focuses on a dynamic response organism providing clients with direct access to a rapid response network in times of emergency.

Goal for the project:

Our goal was to develop a brand identity which could be used across AURA’s digital and print material. We wanted to create a brand that was bold and memorable but that also reflected the sophistication of the service and their technology. 

The next step was to create the UX and interface for the AURA Responder and Client app. We had to do a lot of research in the field of mobile accessibility and target audience tech capability. Basically we had to find the most intuitive, quickest way for someone to use their phone as a panic button as it could mean life or death. It was a great challenge!

After the app design we also designed the Control Room interface where controllers administered the incoming panics and responders. Once again the interface had to support controllers that might operate under great pressure. 

We went on to develop marketing and educational material to teach users and potential partners about the service. 

AURA has since gone on to become a prominent player in the security landscape of South Africa.

Our experience:

It was truly great to work on a project that would have a direct impact on the users safety and peace of mind. We realised that we could make a real difference and embraced the responsibility of designing a system that is intuitive and potentially life-saving. 

Our Role


UX and UI Design

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